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Disney, Marvel and the AAA (professional mexican wrestling association) teamed up and needed some props fo their live events.

Two props were comissioned: Underworld Godess" Helmet and the MLLE Championship.


Design Process

For the helmet we 3D scanned Shani (female wrestler) so we could use her as a virtual sculpt reference. We did our own take on Hellas helmet using some design cues from the MARVEL films.

The belt is inspired in Iron Mans arc reactor with interlocking plates modeled modelled in CAD software to ensure good fit. The belt itself was drafted in CAD and laser cut in cow leather. The were implemented in a LED circuit.

Design Lead: Sergio R.

CAD: Sergio R.

Sculpt: Arturo, Sergio y Javier

Prototyping: Sergio R.

Paint: Daniel V.


The Walt Disney Company, México

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